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Child Care Emergency / Disaster Preparedness

Child Care Emergency / Disaster Preparedness

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Child Care Sample Forms for Emergency Disaster Preparedness Planning


The following sample forms are available in this presentation by clicking the links. These forms may assist Child Care Providers in Emergency Disaster Preparedness Planning:


1. Emergency/Disaster Procedures & Evacuation Planning Form

a. Things to Know When Preparing for an Emergency/Disaster in Child Care

b. Child Care Child Information Form

c. Child Care Daily Attendance Record Form

d. Child Care Emergency Disaster Preparedness Parent Information Form for Reunification

e. Child Care Evacuation Response Checklist Form

f. Child Care Emergency Disaster Roster Sign Out Form

g. Child Care Fire Earthquake and Tornado Drill Form

h. Child Care Bomb Threat Information Form

i. Child Care Emergency Planning Checklist

j. Child Care Provider Statement

Emergency / Disaster Procedures & Evacuation Planning Form (con't)